9 Easy and Inexpensive Kitchen Decorating Tips

You might think that you can’t afford to give your kitchen a design makeover. However, although major kitchen renovation projects can be costly, it really doesn’t take much money to add a few quick decorating touches.

Although these touches can be extremely simple and easy, they can really make a difference in the overall appearance of your kitchen. Here are a few simple kitchen decorating tips that you can use as inspiration.

1. Brighten Your Kitchen with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing seems to brighten up a room quicker than a fresh coat of paint. Paint your walls a different color to give the room a whole new look. You could also choose a slightly different shade of the same color your kitchen walls are currently painted.

Your kitchen will still look fresh and new, but you won’t have to buy new decorating accessories, since everything will still match. It is an easy DIY kitchen decor idea that everyone can do.

2. Inexpensive Wall Art

Adding art pieces to your kitchen walls is one of the quickest and easiest ways to liven up its overall look. Fortunately, inexpensive pieces of wall art are usually just as decorative and beautiful as those which cost a lot more.

Display colorful and yet inexpensive posters in picture frames to add eye-catching focal points to the room. If you have some artistic talent, you could even paint or draw a few of your own original art pieces. Metal wall art pieces can also be used to add an interesting modern touch.

You could also utilize wall decals, which can be a quick and inexpensive way of adding a lot of color and design to the kitchen.

3. Decorating with Live Plants

Plants are a natural for the kitchen, adding a beautiful touch of nature to the room. If you have a sunny kitchen window, decorate the window sill with pretty containers of herbs.

Not only will the herbs serve as beautiful and fragrant kitchen decor, but you’ll also have a handy supply of fresh-cut herbs when you cook. Hanging plants can also work well in large kitchen windows. Or, display a single potted plant on the countertop as a decorative accent.

Although live plants are always preferable to artificial plants, you can also use quality silk foliage in areas where it would be difficult to care for real plants.

4. Beautiful Fruits and Vegetables

Sometimes even the healthy foods you use when preparing your meals can do double-duty as kitchen decor. For example, try displaying a bowl of beautiful red apples as a table centerpiece, instead of hiding them in your refrigerator crisper drawer.

Not only will natural fruits and vegetables add a beautiful decorating touch to the kitchen, but your family will probably also eat more healthy foods.

5. Floral Decorating Accents

Adding flowers to the kitchen is another great way to create visual interest. If you have a flower garden in your yard, decorate your kitchen with a bouquet of fresh-cut blooms.

Or, create a floral arrangement from wildflowers and flowering weeds that you find around your yard. If you don’t have any fresh flowers of your own, most grocery stores sell beautiful mixed bouquets for affordable prices.

Or, simply decorate your kitchen walls with photographs or paintings of flowers, displayed in picture frames. The look is fresh, simple and beautiful, but also quite affordable.

6. Use Small Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances should be small to avoid occupying more space. There are multi-purpose appliances just great for the kitchen which can be used in food mixing, blending, chopping or grinding; all the functions in one. Microwaves, rice cookers, toasters, indoor grills and sandwich makers also have small versions.

7. Use Stylish Faucets

There are new trends in faucet designs and colors. A faucet gets the most hands on it than any gadget in the kitchen. You’ll add an amazing decor when you choose from the wide selection of colors and metallic designs.

8. Dresser For The Kitchen

There might be a vacant corner or space in your kitchen. A little nice dresser with drawers is perfect for keeping utensils, napkins, table cloth, unused paper and plastic bags, etc. Its top is a good place to position your microwave oven too. You can find cheap ones at many fleamarkets or ebay.

9. Lighting Displays

Lighting plays an important role in any kitchen design. From washing dishes to cooking dinner, task and ambient light sources help make a kitchen function. But accent lighting helps to display your table decor, knick knacks and wall decorations perfectly.

A good kitchen decor design can only be properly showcased when lighting solutions like accent and aesthetic lights focus light onto your decor design.

There are more decors that would create a good look in the kitchen such as curtains, shelves, cupboards, hanging baskets and more. It’s up to you where to make amendments and what to retain.

Consider your budget; whether your decorating plan is big or small it will cost you something. The bottom line is making your kitchen a pleasant space to spend most of your time.

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