Hi, and welcome to the Design Tale! I’m Andreas, an engineer, fellow DIY and home remodel enthusiast and I started this site to provide a one-stop online resource for home decor, designs and remodeling.

I am do-it-yourself dad who likes to update my home using great deals I find online. With some good know-how and a little luck, I will show you how to transform your home using kitchen hardware, bathroom accents, patio furniture and more. Discover the difference that quality and style can make.

I spent most of my childhood and several of my adult years moving from one small place to the next. Realizing the importance of finding furniture and room designs for small spaces, I now like to write how-to articles on how to save space and strives to bring compact furniture (all in one place) to those who live in small homes.

Now I bought an old house and am in the process of renovating it, I will share all the tips and articles I read her on my site so you all can get easy access to great info. My goal is to provide quality information, ideas and tips to help you get a better home.

Here you will find helpful reviews, product information, tips and much more on everything from home decor to gardening.

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